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The Project

The team at PMA served as the owner’s representative and construction management team for DM Development and Faring on The Harland project located in West Hollywood, California. The 115,000 square foot property features 37 luxury townhomes/condominiums and 12 affordable apartments. Amenities include an entertainment lounge, bowling alley, fitness center, rooftop garden, and private terraces.

Using Dayone Solutions Software

PMA used Dayone Solutions Software as a team to manage the punch list documentation and closeout process on The Harland. As the project neared completion, PMA served as the liaison between the general contractor and the homeowner’s association.

Managing the transition from the post construction phase to final completion is often hectic, but using Dayone Solutions Software helped PMA streamline punch list item documentation and communication during inspections.

When asked about Dayone Solutions Software capabilities, they said, “we’ve never seen a program as detailed for punch lists,” and emphasized the importance of capturing details during inspections.

Using Dayone Solutions Software improved the documentation process, since the team was able to capture thousands of photos and include comments. Those images and notes were included in reports for the owner, general contractor, and subcontractors. Because Dayone Solutions Software projects include unlimited photos, they inspected and added punch items without worrying about data limits and said, “Dayone Solutions Software really fulfills the need for unlimited photos and the ease of use.” Providing such details was extremely helpful to ensure that issues were easily resolved and that documentation was saved.

“We’ve never seen a program as detailed for punch lists…FinishLine really fulfills the need for unlimited photos and the ease of use”

Sharing Reports

After inspecting in the field, reports were generated and emailed to the general contractor for review. Then assignments were distributed to subcontractors for resolution. As project deficiencies were addressed, a final re-inspection was completed and items were closed out with Dayone Solutions Software.

Time Saved

Dayone Solutions Software photo documentation and markup feature for punch items enabled PMA to save countless hours during closeout. Trying to take photos, return to a computer to download and rename each image, and then add comments to items without Dayone Solutions Software would have been a time-consuming process.

“The Dayone Solutions Software customer service was above and beyond”

Outstanding Support

When PMA needed any assistance, the Dayone Solutions Software support team exceeded their expectations. PMA noted that, “the Dayone Solutions Software customer service was above and beyond” and that other software options on the market often lack “the personal touch with the level of customer service that Dayone Solutions Software has.

They appreciated the assistance that Dayone Solutions Software provided during their work on The Harland. Anytime they were in the field and would call Dayone Solutions Software, such as a question about formatting a report for printing, “they would call us back instantly.

By using a tool to efficiently document punch list items with robust photo documentation, PMA took their project inspections to the next level. When it comes to managing punch lists and inspections in the future, PMA looks forward to using Dayone Solutions Software again.

With over 25 years of experience, Project Management Advisors, Inc. (PMA) provides owner’s representative services for real estate developers and investors. PMA has six locations throughout the United States, with teams managing projects in both the private and public sectors.
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