Outside the Box – Integrated Resorts (Part 1)

Since my backyard of Las Vegas has some of the finest World Class and largest Integrated Resorts in the world I wanted to devote a couple of articles on how to utilize FinishLine above and beyond final punch in an Integrated Resort environment.

In this blog we will discuss other departments of an Integrated Resort that can also utilize FinishLine such as: Conventions and Banquets in addition to Housekeeping.

In future installments I will cover Operations & Maintenance, Hotel Management, Casino Gaming, Events & Shows, Public Areas, Asset Management, Condos, Capital Improvements, and Security & Surveillance for Integrated Resorts.

Picture this, you have used FinishLine on a remodel for multiple rooms and maybe even a few F&B or Retail venues and your FinishLine app has all the drawings of all the floors of the tower and even has all the floors of the podium in it as well. Well, this is a fantastic starting point for other teams in your organization to take advantage of the back-end work and set-up already being completed.

FinishLine’s Graphical navigation makes it extremely easy for new users to navigate to exactly where the issue is and get started. On average most new users can operate the system with only a 15-minute hands-on training. Most importantly, most can use the system via the smartphone the resort has already assigned them so there is no need for expensive infrastructure or purchases, simply download the app, log-in and get started.

Let’s look at how departments can use the same great app to enhance their team’s business processes and workflows all while saving money and mitigating risk and liability. Not to mention the fact of the always available single source of the truth for all history on the app. We have found that this history is integral in not only defending organization against lawsuits but also invaluable in business analytics that drive revenues and cost savings.Conventions and Banquets

Envision a platform where your convention spaces are graphically represented, and functionality is divided into two categories, Daily Operations and Events. Now imagine having all your staff able to participate in the ongoing inspections and issue management of the space in general, being able to log and assign deficiencies and tasks to other team members quickly and easily as well as track the level of completion of all these items simultaneously from reports or a live dashboard.

Imagine having checklists for setting up new conventions before they arrive and having Conference owners and clients take part in the completion of set-up and load in as well as ongoing issues. With FinishLine, you would be able to give your Conference clients an iPad or download the app to their smartphone and be able to log requests, open items and other necessary work orders or tasks directly into your platform and have that item distributed to the proper parties in near real-time for completion. If your convention is serving food, imagine having a real-time way to communicate with the kitchen or service staff when items need replenishing or have a spill or accident, being able to contact Public Areas assistance in real-time. Think of the benefits of having your A/V Team on that same app to field immediate problems with priority.

FinishLine will give you advanced capabilities to log, assign and correct day to day issues to keep your venue in tip-top shape. Simultaneously, the same application also allows your clients to log items and have the AI automatically assign those items to the correct party all while you manage the hand offs to other departments from you smart-phone or tablet. If your client opted for a few pay by quantity items, you can also easily track the usage of those items and print out reports when it comes time for billing. FinishLine also has a built-in calendar and CRM to ensure proper bookings and space utilization across your busy convention space. With FinishLine you get to decide all the participants and give your client a tool to interact with the space that your competition does not have.Housekeeping

As the leader of the housekeeping Team, imagine having all the rooms in an easy to navigate, graphical interface. Also think about what it would be like to have all your cleaning and room preparation checklists in one simple to use place. In addition, how great would it be to have all your Standard operating procedures (SOPs) in that same area as well so that the whole crew knows how to properly clean that Marble Countertop, Terrazo tile or Teak Entertainment console. In addition, you could easily have access to all the FF&E specifications in the event of a broken or damaged item in the room and be able to quickly assign repairs or returns to facilities or even procurement. Most importantly, from the FinishLine Dashboard, you can easily watch all this take place in real-time and assign urgent tasks to your team members all from your desktop. All data can be synchronized near real-time so you can run reports, see assignments of open items and make quick determinations on the room status for Hotel Management.

Picture your team using their smartphone to check off each and every item on the checklist to ensure it is done and being able to provide details and images taken for deficiencies immediately. Your employee goes into a room and finds a lot of items that all require different areas of responsibility to resolve. They find linens that are terribly stained and a missing item. Immediately they could take pictures of those items and have them sent to Hotel operations immediately, so the check-out team had those items available with pictures to discuss with the customer before leaving. As they continue their routine, they find a broken towel bar and a leaky faucet. No worries, creating items in the app with pictures and descriptions is a cinch and with a couple clicks and taps the items have automatically been assigned to the facilities team with priorities. Your team member may even be missing a few items from the room, a magazine or other consumables not on the cart. Again, with ease these items can be logged and assigned with a few clicks and taps.

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