Outside the Box – Integrated Resorts (Part 3)

Las Vegas has some of the finest World Class and largest Integrated Resorts in the world. I want to devote a couple articles on how to utilize FinishLine above and beyond final punch in an Integrated Resort environment. During the discussion of Integrated Resorts Part 2, I outlined using FinishLine for Capital Improvements, Operations & Maintenance, and Asset Management. I plan to discuss these additional Integrated Resorts topics in the future: Security & Surveillance, Hotel Management, and Condos.

In this blog writing we will discuss other departments of an Integrated Resort that can also utilize FinishLine such as; Casino Gaming, Events & Shows, and Public Areas. Let’s get started on seeing how these can all be improved with the same great app to enhance their team’s business processes and workflows all while saving money and mitigating risk and liability.

Casino Gaming –

Your Slot Operations and Table Gaming departments stand to gain a lot but utilizing FinishLine Software for day-to-day operations. There are a couple things that come to mind related to how FinishLine could be beneficial here, first in logging all issues and repairs and second related to the moving of the assets. Let’s assume that you have all your gaming hardware and furniture entered in the FinishLine Asset management system. One of the handy tools in the Asset management module is that it has a ticketing or workorder system built into it.

With the way the licensing works, you could have unlimited team members put in inputs or deficiencies at no additional charge, so you would get near real-time information on a game being down, or a spill or whatever the problem is. Those tickets would go immediately or even urgently to your team either through our ball-in -court intelligence or a single dispatch. The system would be set up so that your team members are notified first and then as they assess the problem, the tickets can either be closed or then immediately routed to the proper party to resolve the issue whether it is a team member in another department or an outside vendor. The ball-in-court allows the ticket to be racked throughout its lifecycle through to completion…even if it doesn’t stay in-house.

Next is the big move…you would never move a bank of slots or the table games, correct? Well with FinishLine the easy part of the move is ensuring that all those assets are properly moved in the system and reassigned to their new location. In addition to updating the casino floor drawing/map that shows their graphical locations. Then marry together with that the aforementioned ticketing system to ensure you capture any open items needing resolution before turning the games back over to the customers. Finishline software gives management and team members a quick and easy interface for inputs and issue tracking as well as regular reporting. Get a leg up on your competition by using a departmental management system that brings you efficiencies while simultaneously keeping you games uptime longer and reducing your risks and liabilities.Events & Shows –

Using FinishLine for Events and shows has a similar purpose and utilization as we outlined for Conventions and Banquets. Consider Events and shows divided into day to day operations and maintenance as well as being used for the set-up and tear down of your events and shows, having a customer facing component to give your customers ultimate satisfaction and possibly even a competitive advantage.

Your Venue requires a lot of day to day maintenance and operation due to the volume of Events and shows coming in at a breakneck speed (of course I’m talking pre-CV19 and post-CV19). Lots of things get broken or damaged or just quit working properly. Imagine having a near real-time platform available on your smart phone and tablets that allow your team to input and assign items on the fly as you find them. This same platform can also be used for preventative and routine maintenance even including checklists for ensuring the job is always done properly to Standard Operating Procedures. With the built in ticketing system, asset management and warranty management, keep your venue in tip top shape.

Next is the part that separates your venue form the rest in that there is a customer facing component to the platform at no additional charge. Imaging when your concert client or event client shows up and you hand them a tablet and within a few short minutes you have them understanding and operating the system to their advantage…no need for crazy cell phone calls or texts or even radio communications that are hard to track or manage and difficult to forward into other systems or platforms. Now your team and your customers are on the same near real-time platform and can coordinate and collaborate together.

Your customers tablet will not only have a map of the venue but premade Tasks and descriptions on an easy to navigate and choose from list. As time goes on, you will be able to refine the lists to just what the customer needs. All items on the list will automatically be routed to either a central POC or go directly to the teams or team members that are needed to resolve the item. Ball-in-court technology will allow the client to have near real-time updates on where the item is being routed and when it will be done.

Get complete transaction logging by all parties and sign-off from the customer showing who, how, when and where the items where completed to reduce your liability and risk and make the teem members function more efficiently. Be able to track multiple events and shows on the same platform simultaneously so while one show is nearing completion and the next show is staging up, never miss a beat with Finishline software managing not only the Venue but your team and the customers simultaneously.Public Areas –

Keep your Public Areas in tip-top shape using Finishline Software for simple issue input to ball-in-court tracking of the resources needed to complete the item and ensure no liabilities exist for your Integrate Resort. As with the Housekeeping, Conventions & Banquets and Events & Shows, the Public Areas Module allows you to have a component where other team members and integrated Resort employees can contribute to quickly and easily identifying cleans, spills or restocking items.

As with the other modules you can have the issues automatically directed to the resource to resolve the issue or to a centralized distribution point that then assigns to the resources. Imagine that spilled drink in the middle of a busy walkway and having your retail cart employee go stand at the spill while they log it into Finishline Software. Immediately the resource to clean it is given a notification of the spill, the geographic location and possibly even a picture in near real-time. As the PA staff completes the clean up they also log a picture of the area with signs and the clean for liability purposes and tracking. Or how about a customer that tells a staff member at a retail store that the bathroom was out of toilet paper. Without having to leave their position, they could log the issue into the system and know that the customer feedback was captured and the issues resolved.

Also consider that your PA staff could utilize checklists to ensure that all items needed to be cleaned or stocked were done and that one item that wasn’t able to be completed can be tracked and handed off to the appropriate party. How about your PA staff having Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at their fingertips and even part of their daily routine or having MSDS available for lookup right inside the application. All your materials and consumables could also be tracked and managed s well as looking and analyzing trends in time and materials.

Converting your PA’s to this platform will not only save you time and money but reduce you liabilities and risks to the overall Integrated Resort. As with all the other modules in Finishline, the more departments you have on the software the more teams you can interact with. With ball-in-court technology you can easily assign items that don’t belong to your team to another participating team ensuring that the issue does not go unanswered or uncompleted. For your managers, have complete visibility tp your staff and what they are working as well and the time and materials they use to complete the work. With the management dashboard, watch what matters the most to you in near real-time.

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