If you’re still inspecting the old way, it could be hurting your bottom line.

The old way of punching using handwritten lists can slow everyone down, and there’s no documentation to back you up.

Easy to use technology can make the entire process more effective and efficient.

Why are you still inspecting the old way? Perhaps you are trying to save money on software, maybe you don’t have time to learn a new system, or it’s just the way you’ve always done it.

What if you had one source for your project’s punch lists? What if you could send reports to your team in minutes? What if you could reduce the number of phone calls from subs because they don’t understand where or what the issue is? What would it be like if backchecking was simple? What if the new technology you used mirrored your current flow of work?In today’s construction technology there are better ways to capture what’s happening in the field. View the video below to hear Robert Bess, Co-Founder and President of FinishLine Software, discuss the old way of punch list management vs. new punch list technology.

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