Customizable Dashboards

Your Data, Your Way

Feature Overview

“Customizable Dashboards” in DayOne is an adaptable tool designed to provide users with tailored insights and visualizations to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and project data. It empowers organizations to create and personalize dashboards that align with their unique operational needs and preferences.

Connection to Development

Data Compilation and Visualization

Structured Data Collection: During development, DayOne’s structured data model allows users to compile a wide range of data related to facility design, construction, and development. This data serves as the foundation for creating insightful dashboards.  

AI-Enhanced Insights: The AI integration within DayOne enhances dashboard capabilities by providing real-time data analysis, trends identification, and predictive insights. AI algorithms can detect patterns in development data and suggest meaningful KPIs.  

Defined Spaces: “Defined spaces” in DayOne enable users to associate specific data points and metrics with locations, assets, and project phases, allowing for precise tracking and visualization of data.  

Connection to Operations

Empowering Decision-Makers

Seamless Data Transition: All data collected during development, including project progress, quality metrics, financial data, and more, transitions seamlessly into the operational phase. This ensures that dashboards are continuously updated with relevant data.  

User-Driven Dashboard Creation: “Customizable Dashboards” empower users to create, configure, and adapt dashboards according to their operational priorities and goals. Users have full control over the layout, widgets, and data sources.  

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Personalized dashboards provide real-time access to critical data, enabling operational teams to make informed decisions, track performance, and respond to issues promptly.

Value Proposition

Flexibility and Adaptability: Customizable Dashboards offer flexibility to tailor dashboards to specific needs and adapt them as operational requirements change.  

Real-Time Insights: Dashboards provide real-time access to essential data, allowing for proactive monitoring and decision-making.  

Efficiency Gains: By consolidating relevant data and KPIs in one place, users can save time and improve efficiency in data analysis.  

Informed Decision-Making: Data-driven insights from customized dashboards support evidence-based decision-making and improved operational outcomes.  

User Empowerment: Customizable Dashboards empower users across the organization to take control of their data and create visualizations that align with their unique operational objectives. 

In summary, “Customizable Dashboards” within DayOne is a versatile feature that empowers users to create and tailor dashboards according to their unique operational requirements. It seamlessly integrates data from development, simplifying data visualization and tracking. This feature is instrumental in providing flexibility, real-time insights, efficiency gains, informed decision-making, and user empowerment for enhanced operational management. 


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