Field Observations During Construction

Real-Time Insight for Prompt Issue Resolution

Feature Overview

“Field Observations During Construction” is a powerful tool within the DayOne platform that leverages structured data collection, AI-driven efficiency, and the concept of “defined spaces” to provide real-time insights into ongoing construction activities. It empowers owner-developer-operators (O-D-Os) to promptly identify and resolve issues as they arise, ensuring construction progress aligns with project goals.

Connection to Development

Enhances Construction Phase Efficiency

Structured Data Collection: With DayOne’s structured data model, O-D-Os can collect a wealth of data points during field observations. These data points are highly configurable, allowing users to capture specific details related to construction progress, quality, safety, and compliance.  

AI-Driven Insights: The AI integration within DayOne elevates field observations to a new level of efficiency. Imagine conducting an observation and noting a quality issue. The AI can automatically suggest a solution, assign a priority, identify the location, assign the responsible subcontractor, and propose a due date—streamlining issue resolution and keeping construction on track.  

Defined Spaces: The “defined spaces” concept in DayOne ensures that field observations are connected to specific physical locations within the construction site. Users can navigate through graphical representations of the building, select areas of interest, and document observations directly within those spaces, creating a dynamic link between real-world construction and digital data.

Connection to Operations

Promotes Smoother Transitions and Fewer Post-Handover Surprises

Seamless Data Transition: As construction field observations are documented in DayOne, the data seamlessly transitions into the operational phase. This ensures that any issues or observations noted during construction are carried over and addressed as part of ongoing property management.  

In-Depth Reporting and Analytics: DayOne’s structured data model allows for the collection of granular data during field observations. This data can be used for in-depth reporting and analytics, providing valuable insights into construction progress, quality trends, safety compliance, and more. These insights inform decision-making during development and set the stage for informed property management in operations.  

Adaptable Labels and Tags: The flexibility of DayOne’s data labeling and tagging system ensures that field observations remain adaptable. Labels and tags can be customized to suit the evolving needs of construction projects, aligning seamlessly with changing requirements. 

In summary, “Field Observations During Construction” takes advantage of DayOne’s structured data model, AI-driven efficiency, and “defined spaces” to enhance construction phase efficiency. It facilitates real-time insights, promotes prompt issue resolution, and ensures that construction progress aligns with project goals. Moreover, it establishes a seamless connection between the development and operational phases, reducing post-handover surprises and enhancing overall property management.


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