Mobile Access

Empowering On-the-Go Operations

Feature Overview

“Mobile Access” in DayOne is a versatile tool designed to empower users with access to critical project and facility data while on the move. It offers a mobile app that extends the functionality of DayOne, enabling users to stay connected and make informed decisions from anywhere.

Connection to Development

Data Accessibility and Convenience

Structured Data at Your Fingertips: During development, DayOne’s structured data model ensures that all project and facility data is available through the mobile app. This includes project progress, quality metrics, documents, asset information, and more.  

AI-Powered Insights on the Go: The AI integration within DayOne enhances the mobile experience by providing users with real-time insights, notifications, and recommendations based on their role and preferences.  

Defined Spaces: “Defined spaces” in DayOne extend to the mobile app, allowing users to access location-specific data and insights while visiting various areas within the facility under development.  

Connection to Operations

Real-Time Decision-Making and Engagement

Seamless Data Transition: All data collected during development, including real-time project updates, operational metrics, maintenance schedules, and more, is accessible via the mobile app during the operational phase. This ensures users have access to up-to-date information.  

Functionality on the Go: “Mobile Access” empowers users to perform a wide range of actions on the go, such as submitting service requests, accessing asset information, reviewing reports, and communicating with teams and stakeholders.  

User-Centric Design: The mobile app is designed with user-centric interfaces for easy navigation, ensuring that users can quickly find the information they need and take action efficiently.  

Value Proposition

Flexibility and Accessibility: Mobile Access provides the flexibility to access project and facility data anytime, anywhere, enhancing user accessibility and convenience.  

Real-Time Decision-Making: With real-time insights and functionality, users can make informed decisions, report issues, and engage with stakeholders on the spot, improving operational efficiency.  

Productivity Boost: The mobile app streamlines tasks and workflows, reducing the time and effort required to perform actions, ultimately boosting productivity.  

Engagement and Collaboration: Mobile Access facilitates real-time engagement and collaboration among teams and stakeholders, fostering effective communication and teamwork.  

Data at Your Fingertips: Users have critical project and facility data at their fingertips, promoting better-informed decision-making and proactive issue resolution.  

In summary, “Mobile Access” within DayOne is a feature that empowers users with on-the-go access to critical project and facility data. It seamlessly integrates data from development, ensuring real-time access to information during both development and operational phases. This feature is instrumental in providing flexibility, real-time decision-making, productivity boost, engagement and collaboration, and data accessibility for enhanced operational management.


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