Pre-Groundbreak Brilliance

Early Issue Tracking and Resolution Before Groundbreak

Feature Overview

Pre-Groundbreak Brilliance harnesses the power of DayOne’s structured data model and AI-driven efficiency to empower owner-developer-operators (O-D-Os) with the ability to identify, track, and resolve potential issues before the ground is even broken. It’s a game-changer that ensures a strong project foundation, all while providing a flexible and data-rich experience for users.

Connection to Development

Ensures a Solid Project Foundation

Structured Data Collection: DayOne’s structured data model allows O-D-Os to collect a multitude of data points for each issue or item. These data points are highly configurable, from labels to tags, offering unmatched flexibility for creating, disseminating, and analyzing data throughout the development phase.  

AI-Driven Efficiency: The AI woven into DayOne takes issue tracking to the next level. Imagine creating an item and specifying that it falls under the “interior” category and relates to “electrical – power & lighting” with a description of “inoperative.” The AI springs into action, populating essential fields such as the suggested solution, priority, location, assigned resource, and due date—all based on your defined parameters.  

Defined Spaces: In the context of “Pre-Groundbreak Brilliance,” DayOne’s “defined spaces” concept comes to life. Instead of creating issues on static PDF sheets from architectural plans, users navigate through an intuitive graphical system that mirrors real-world building exploration. This graphical navigation is richly linked to drawings, rooms, and assets, offering a dynamic way to manage issues and data in alignment with physical spaces.  

Connection to Operations

Prevents Issues from Carrying Over into Operations

Seamless Transition: By addressing and resolving potential issues before construction begins, Pre-Groundbreak Brilliance sets the stage for a seamless transition from development to operations. Data collected during this phase provides invaluable insights for ongoing property management.  

Granular Reporting and Analytics: DayOne’s structured data model enables complex, granular reporting and analytics. With data highly structured and configurable, O-D-Os can generate in-depth reports that drive informed decisions throughout both development and operations.  

Flexibility for Evolving Needs: The flexibility in data labeling and tagging ensures that DayOne evolves with your changing needs. Labels and tags can be customized to adapt to evolving project requirements, making the platform as dynamic as your real estate portfolio.

In summary, “Pre-Groundbreak Brilliance” leverages DayOne’s structured data model, AI-driven efficiency, and defined spaces to ensure a rock-solid project foundation while seamlessly connecting development and operations. It’s not just early issue tracking; it’s a strategic approach to property management that starts before the first shovel hits the ground.


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