Tenant and Stakeholder Portals

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Feature Overview

“Tenant and Stakeholder Portals” in DayOne serve as interactive platforms for enhancing communication and collaboration between facility owners, tenants, stakeholders, and operational teams. These portals provide access to relevant information, resources, and communication channels, fostering transparency and engagement.  

Connection to Development

Data Sharing and Engagement

Structured Data Sharing: During development, DayOne’s structured data model allows users to share project progress updates, construction milestones, design documents, and other relevant information with tenants and stakeholders. This establishes a foundation for early engagement.  

AI-Enhanced Communication: The AI integration within DayOne enhances portal communication by providing automated notifications, updates, and personalized content based on user preferences, ensuring that tenants and stakeholders stay informed.  

Defined Spaces: “Defined spaces” in DayOne facilitate the association of specific project-related data with the areas and assets that tenants and stakeholders are interested in, enabling targeted communication.  

Connection to Operations

Ongoing Engagement and Support

Seamless Data Transition: Information and engagement tools used during development, including project updates, documents, and personalized content, continue to be available to tenants and stakeholders during the operational phase. This fosters ongoing engagement.  

User-Centric Portals: “Tenant and Stakeholder Portals” provide users with user-centric interfaces where they can access relevant information, submit service requests, communicate with facility management, and receive support.  

Collaborative Features: Collaboration features within the portals enable tenants and stakeholders to interact with operational teams, report issues, request services, and provide feedback, contributing to a collaborative environment.  

Value Proposition

Transparency and Engagement: Tenant and Stakeholder Portals promote transparency and engagement by providing access to real-time project updates, documents, and personalized content.  

Enhanced Communication: AI-enhanced communication ensures that tenants and stakeholders receive timely notifications, updates, and information tailored to their needs.  

Efficient Issue Resolution: Collaboration features enable tenants and stakeholders to report issues and request services, leading to efficient issue resolution and improved tenant satisfaction.  

Resource Access: Portals provide a centralized location for accessing resources, documents, and support channels, making it easier for tenants and stakeholders to find the information they need.  

Feedback Mechanism: The portals serve as a feedback mechanism, allowing tenants and stakeholders to provide input, suggestions, and feedback, which can inform operational improvements.  

In summary, “Tenant and Stakeholder Portals” within DayOne enhance communication and collaboration between facility owners, tenants, stakeholders, and operational teams. They seamlessly integrate data from development, promoting transparency, engagement, efficient issue resolution, resource access, and feedback mechanisms for informed decision-making and improved tenant satisfaction in operational management.


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